Top 3 Most Popular Designer Handbags for 2014

At the end of the summer, financial services company, Credit Suisse, wrote an interesting report on the consumption of luxury handbag brands, broken down by American city. The analysis looked at 10 U.S. cities and 14 of the most popular luxury and “aspirational” (at a slightly lower price point than say, your uber-luxury brands like Hermes) brands. The results are in; here are the top three. Louis Vuitton Unsurprisingly for those who love handbags, Louis Vuitton was the top performer. Vuitton manages to appear on all 10 of the major American cities studied, and for good reason. Credit Suisse points to the fact that Louis Vuitton is in a unique position; the company straddles the market, remaining in constant demand by being relevant both on the commercial market and among fashion influencers. Chanel Again probably no surprises here; the interlocking Chanel C's have been synonymous with luxury for decades, and their classic quilted chain-handle bags have become must-have pieces that fashionable women aspire to. Top performing cities for Chanel were Dallas, New York, and Miami. Celine Celine was a bit of a surprise to the people at Credit Suisse, perhaps because it is a “quiet luxury” brand that does not have the same annual sales turnover as Chanel and Louis Vuitton. However, it is perhaps that very reputation as a “quiet” brand, coupled with the now iconic status of head designer, Phoebe Philo, which has propelled this brand into the public consciousness. The cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are all fans.