Straw handbags lend an effortless vibe to any look, so it's easy to see why they have been the harbinger of summer fashion for most of our lifetimes. However, unlike many of the seasonal "it bags" that have come and gone over the years, a straw handbag is something that you absolutely do not have to spend a lot of money on. After all, even with the most careful use, straw bags have a shorter overall life span than your average leather bag, so you really don't need to be spending hundreds, or even thousands on something that might get taken out by a flash summer monsoon. Need a few pointers on where to source an affordable straw bag? Here are a few of our favorite seasonal haunts. Your Local Thrift or Consignment Shop At any time of the year, you will find a straw bag in your local thrift or consignment shop. Granted, if you have something specific in mind, you probably aren't going to find an exact replica, but if you're the type who loves a bargain and is fond of the hunt, it's definitely worth your time to have a look at the offerings in your favorite secondhand haunt. If You Have Something Specific in Mind

This year's offerings from Topshop run the gamut of sizes and styles, and most of them are under $60! A few of our favorites include the Barbar Straw Circle Crossbody - great for a hands-free experience, and the Monkey Embroidered Straw Tote, a large-capacity tote for the beach, farmer's market, a diaper bag, or any other time you need to bring your life with you on the go.