In the fashion world, designers are always striving to create what comes next, whether it be a must-have handbag or the way we are tucking our shirts into our jeans. However, it wasn't until the last few decades or so that lesser-known designers and indie brands even got a look-in; the lion's share of the accolades and trend forecasts were always awarded to the usual big-name design houses. Thankfully, we've now embraced a much more inclusive approach, allowing us to cast our nets wider in the search for The Next Big Thing. To that end, Senreve, a San Francisco-based brand, is literally rocketing its way into the hearts and minds of handbag lovers everywhere. While the company is based in California, the bags themselves are hand-crafted in Italy using very high quality leathers and workmanship that has a decades-long tradition of high-end designer bag making behind it. The bags have an uncluttered, logo-free appeal to them, and are every bit as sturdy and lightweight as they are aesthetically pleasing. Senreve also stands by their claims that each and every one of their bags has been tested and is water-resistant and color-transfer resistant - great news for those of us who have a soft spot for light-colored bags! Perhaps the best part about Senreve is the one thing that anyone who loves a well-made handbag could hope for - the price. Unlike many of the luxury brands out there (even the ones that appeal to diehard minimalists), Senreve bags are all priced between $295 to $1000!